Looking for volunteers to finish the Scala tour


Hello Scala Community!

We’re looking for some contributors that would help us get the Scala tour finished. The Scala tour is the guide that teaches the language to newcomers and explains what Scala is. We find that having this merged would immensely benefit future Scala developers.

Here is the list of the PRs in which we need your help:

  1. The Implicits section.
  2. The currying section.
  3. The local type inference section.
  4. The compound types section.
  5. The singleton objects section.

These PRs are currently blocked because they didn’t address all the reviewers’ feedback and are outdated (need rebase). You could help us by addressing the feedback, rewording the sections as you see them fit and rebasing.

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I am keen to contribute. I have recently joined the group.
I am Java programmer. Would it help?


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I would be happy to contribute, specifically to the Implicits section. Will get to it in 3-4 days


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The other categories looked scary, so I picked objects, where I had already offered a review.

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I would be happy to contribute to the Implicits section.

Best Regards,

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Would be happy to help with the singleton objects section.


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I’d very happy and willing to help


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Thank you guys, it’s exciting to see so many volunteers! :tada:

Feel free to open a new PR based on the one you want to follow up (you’ll need to fork it from travissarles’s fork), and we’ll close the existing ones. You’re also welcome to review other people’s contributions, two heads are better than one :slight_smile:

If you need any help getting started, please let us know either here or in the PRs!

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So my understanding of the procedure one needs to follow is as:

  1. Fork https://github.com/travissarles/scala.github.com
  2. Make changes in files associated with the a given PR you want to work
    upon(making sure others too haven’t picked up same), maintaining earlier
    changes made in those files
  3. Push the changes,create PR for review by someone else

Am I right?

With regards

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#3 has been taken care of it seems.



I am looking into #4.



Yup, you nailed it. Don’t forget to link to the original PR so that others know there’s an open PR and we can close the old one.


PR at https://github.com/scala/docs.scala-lang/pull/988


There are a number of open PRs at https://github.com/scala/docs.scala-lang/pulls, many of them involving language tour sections, that could use review. If anyone has a few spare minutes, please swing by one or more of these PRs and leave review comments.

(Lightbend & Scala Center folks can hit “merge” once a PR has had at least one more pair of eyes on it besides the author’s…)

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I had generated a pull request several days back at
https://github.com/travissarles/scala.github.com/pull/1 - is that the
correct place?



Can you open it in https://github.com/scala/docs.scala-lang/ :smile:?


I have done so, but I am not sure if it is the correct way (the fork from which I forked also has a commit that is part of this).



some rebase magic might work. I think the correct invocation is git rebase --onto <master that is in sync with the target repo> <branch you branched from> <yourbranch>. Beware that rebase will almost irrevocably lose stuff, and I’m not entirely sure this is the correct invocation, so to be sure you may want to store your changes in a different branch too.


It will still be saved in reflog, don’t worry


Lots of reviewing happened, a bunch of PRs got merged, including all of Travis’s dangling rewrites. Thanks to everyone who pitched in on this. :heart:

(A few PRs with further changes to the coverage of implicits are still in flight.)

P.S. There’s always more to do, plenty of open issues at https://github.com/scala/docs.scala-lang/issues. And for the language tour specifically, nearly any section still has room for improvements large or small.