Looking for Compiler Engineers

The Scala 3 compiler team is hiring! We are looking for engineers that are excited to work on the future of Scala. The main criterion is that you can find your way around a well-designed, but complex compiler codebase (written in Scala 3, of course). It’s a highly constrained space. The Scala compiler has to support a very sophisticated type system, has to be multi-platform, has to run fast, and has to support other tooling such as REPLs and IDEs. This means lots of subtle tweaks. Soundness matters, performance matters, and keeping it simple despite the torrent of possible improvements and user requests (“why can’t the compiler just do this this it should obviously know this other thing?”) matters most of all. On the other hand, you get to be where new versions of Scala are made. In particular you will be part of the research effort to put capture checking into Scala.

If that profile excites you, have a look at https://recruiting.epfl.ch/Vacancies/2470/Description/2

Sorry, on site in Lausanne only – but it’s a very nice place to live! In my experience it’s no problem to obtain work permits for EU citizens and Ukrainians, for others it’s usually more dicey. You would have to have an outstanding track record so that we can argue that no similarly qualified person can be found in Switzerland.


Hey Martin, hope you have been keeping well! We would be happy to help! Drop me a line at mitchell@umatr.io so we can catch up :slight_smile: