Looking for compiler engineers to work on Scala 3 [Job ad]

Between my group at EPFL and the Scala Center we have a couple of vacancies for compiler engineers. The task is to work on the Scala 3 compiler (codebase known as dotty) and its supporting ecosystem of tools (i.e. IDE, build tooling, testing framework, core libraries).

Experience: We are looking for people who are experts in compiler construction and know Scala well. When in doubt, the compiler aspect is the most important one.

Starting date: Dec 1st, 2018, or up to 3 months afterwards (earlier is better).

Salary: Depends on age and experience, as determined by EPFL HR. I would expect it to be somewhere in the 75k to 95k CHF/year range, depending on your experience.

EPFL regulations don’t allow remote work (sorry), so you have to be prepared to move to Switzerland - but it’s nice here, I promise :slight_smile:.

Here’s a link to the job description.


Here’s the link to the second job description (the one on the Scala Center side): https://recruiting.epfl.ch/Vacancies/701/Description/2

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