Is Scala organization going to apply for GSoC 2021? (project proposal)

Hi there,
I’m Rikito Taniguchi, a prospective grad student at Tokyo Institute technology and occasional contributor to some scalameta projects.

Let me ask about Google Summer of Code 2021. Is Scala organization going to apply for GSoC 2021?
If it is, and there’s someone who’s kindly willing to be a mentor, I’d like to propose a project like “More Scala3 support in Metals” and really interested in working on it as my GSoC project this year. Is there someone responsible for running GSoC this year?

I believe rich tooling support is vital to improving the adoption of the new language (Scala3 in this case).
While Scala3 is under active development, there’s still a lot of things to do in developer tools as @tgodzik mentioned in Metals and Scala 3
I sometimes work on Metals on my holidays, but I would really appreciate if I can work on these works full-time (at least that period) and have the opportunity to increase the developer experience of Scala3.

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Yes, at the Scala Center we are going to apply for GSoC for the Scala organization this year. I can’t make any promise about the projects that will be available, however.


Thank you for the quick response @sjrd, good to hear that!
About the project, I will contact metals contributors :slight_smile:


Hey @tanishiking! I haven’t really though about it yet, because I couldn’t figure out how to word a project within Metals especially with some much changing all the time. I will spend on it some time to figure out what might be indeed interesting and on the other hand not be implemented within next few months.

Some ideas for now:

I will try to turn it into something actionable for GSoC.


Maybe also some form of more advanced refactors? Like “extract into scope”, “extract to new file”, and the like.

It’s not trivial at all, I reckon, but probably not much more complicated than implicit imports?


Thank you for sharing ideas! @tgodzik @gabro
Yeah, Metals is also in active development and I understand it’s difficult to expect which tasks are untouched at the beginning of the GSoC period.

I proposed “more scala3 support” as my initial proposal because I assumed some tasks around scala3 could remain after several months (because there’s a lot), and “improving scala3 support” is kind of flexible the project status at the beginning of the period :sweat_smile:

Indeed it would be better to thinking about some other good project ideas first, I don’t come up with projects right off the top of my head, but I’ll also think about it.

Thank you for taking your time!

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We plan to at least have the support for all Scala 3 presentation compiler features, that work for Scala 3, as soon as possible, because it will highly help with adoption. But if you can think of something aside from that, which might be useful in the Scala 3 area do let me know!

Anyway, I will make sure that some interesting projects are available around Metals for GSoC.


Hi @tanishiking !

Friday we submitted our application to participate to GSOC 2021 as organization.
We are now waiting for Google to choose organizations and we will know on March 9th if we are accepted.
In the meanwhile you can have a loot at the ideas list at GoogleSummerOfCode2021/ at main · scalacenter/GoogleSummerOfCode2021 · GitHub


Thank you so much @vincenzobaz and thank you to everyone who gave project ideas!
I’ll check the ideas list and be patient until the organizations announcement :slight_smile: