Is John de Goes a respected member of the Scala community?

I’m hesitant to have a discourse about this, but need to know, if only for my own mental health.



We’re all human beings and as such we’re very curious and seek knowledge.

But this really isn’t right place for that discussion.

I urge you to delete/remove this question.


I’ve had disagreement with John, but that was over technical policy and I certainly not for one moment wanted his opinions banned. I’m totally opposed to this witch hunt against him.


I would say he is one of the most respected and valuable members of the community. There is a lot that we should all be very grateful to him for.

I’m not entirely sure but it seems to me that lot of people seem to be good at taking things out of context and mislabeling them. Then, once it is accepted that something is evil, anything transitively associated with it becomes a pariah, in a misguided attempt eliminate that type of evil.

The more of this kind of infighting we have, the smaller the Scala community will become, and therefore less popular.


As an example, and I haven’t researched this very much, but one thing that I read seemed to cite as evidence that someone was in favor of slavery (!), a passage where they seem to psychoanalyze the historical evolution of slavery. I’m not sure how you get from someone analyzing what someone else thought, to what that person thinks. Maybe if I would have read the article it would be more obvious to me, or maybe there is other evidence. And maybe there is no evidence, and that person is pro slavery or racist anyway. But that citation certainly doesn’t seem like an exercise in logic to me.

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I agree with @esarbe: whatever this discussion is, it is completely off topic in this forum.