Infected scala downloads

Im quite unsure where to post this. But the windows installers of scala and sbt seem to be infected with some kind of malware. As i ran those they tried to install chromium with some kind of yahoo toolbar, etc… Can someone point me in the right direction whom to contact?



Where did you find those infected installers? The official downloads are on the official Scala website and on the official sbt website?

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I expect (hope) that just your computer is infected. Can You share direct link from you have downloaded it?

That’s exactly where I downloaded those.

I just tried them both and, at least up until clicking the final Install button of the wizards, nothing suspicious appeared. Did anything happen before clicking those “Install” buttons in your case, or was it after?


As a demarcation from the terrible old days to the bad old days, JRE installations switched from including the Ask toolbar to a Yahoo toolbar. Maybe it’s related?