Import implied covering import

I have yet to use import implied where I do not also use import for the exact same package. That is, so far I’ve never needed to import the implied values from a scope where I did not import the non-implied values from that scope. It’s annoying needing to say this twice.

import foo._
import implied foo._

Could we not alter the semantics of import implied to instead import both normal and implied members? That way you would either say:

import foo._


import implied foo._

and we can get rid of the redundancy of naming the same thing twice.


If this import implied thing goes through at all, I would like to suggest to turn things around. import foo._ stays the same as it ever was, and import explicit foo._ or whatever imports only non-implicit members. Or perhaps have both implied and explicit… But keep normal import as it is now.


I agree

import word._ 

When I see such construction in a library documentation I know I will need to learn it by heart or to make hot link to the documentation page. Idea does not provide any assistance to make such imports.

I do not know why it is difficult to make more simple way to manage scopes.
for example:
But please do not make it more hard.