Implicit Function Types are now called "Contextual Functions" or "Context Queries"?

Hopefully, this post comes up for anyone who’s still searching for “Implicit Function Types”, because it can take a little while to track what’s become of them.

If you go to the main dotty docs page, you find the documentation via a link reading “Context Queries” that leads to a URL mentioning “query types” ( The word query isn’t mentioned anywhere in the rest of the documentation. Should we still call them context queries? (I think they used to be mentioned in the docs. Last mention was in the 0.13 blog post)

If you search for “Implicit Function Types” you end up with a dead link ( or an outdated link ( to dotty docs on implicit function types. You also turn up fairly recent Proposal to Add Implicit Function Types, which mentions the same dead link. The more recent Proposal to Add Implied Instances doesn’t seem to mention the change in name or syntax.

Since that SIP and the old blog post introducing implicit function types are still top results, perhaps we should add a redirect or an “AKA”/“formerly known as” clause.