How to go about contributing?


I am Manish. I am keen to contribute to Scala language. I have programming background in Java.
Is there a roadmap for new people in the forum?

With regards

Hey Manish, welcome to the forum!

There’s no such a high-level roadmap. What would you be interested in contributing to? If docs is an area where you’d like to help, we have lots of things for you to work on over at

We’re also active in the Scala Gitter channels, namely:

  1. scala/scala: The corner for every Scala developer. Common place to ask questions and help answer other people’s inquiries.
  2. scala/contributors: For Scala Contributors, discussions about technical topics, the spec of the language, macros, compilers, et al.
  3. scala/center: For discussions about the Scala Center and our projects. Sometimes also the place for technical discussions and coordination of the Scala community.
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Thanks for the mail.

I would like to be a part of the community from a programmer point of view,
like adding new features, and projects , or working on libraries proposed
for future.
But then I am quite new to Scala programming language.

With regards