GSOC Scaladex Proposal Review - Connecting Contributors with Projects


I posted a couple weeks ago about getting some feedback from the community about the GSOC project for connecting contributors with projects via Scaladex and I got some great feedback from @jducoeur, @ShaneDelmore and @heathermiller which I used as a base for my proposal.

Here’s the link for my Google Doc proposal.

Here’s my Abstract from the proposal:

This project’s main goal is to make it easy for potential contributors to use Scaladex to find Scala projects they can work on. This will involve researching common difficulties potential contributors face when trying to find an open-source project to contribute to, designing potential solutions to these problems and implementing them. Reaching out to the Scala community to learn about problems they’ve faced and their thoughts about potential solutions will be an integral part of this project. I am a good fit for this project because I am a quick-learner, I have strong communication skills and I have a strong desire to contribute to open-source software.

Could you give me some feedback about my proposal so that I can improve it?