GSoC 2022 - Contributor Candidacy

Hi Scala Contributors people,
I’m Razvan Vacaru and I’m looking into the GSoC 2022 ideas available at the Scala Center. I’m mostly interested in the following ideas:

My quick CV summary would be:

  • Bachelor’s degree in CS Engineering (Java)
  • Worked ~6 years mostly as a Java developer
  • Working for ~ 2 years as a Data engineer with Python and Spark, sometimes scala and golang
  • Relevant Coursera certification “Functional Programming in Scala Specialization” (did all the courses except for the last Capstone one) (

For my full cv, check me out on LinkedIn:
From time to time I also do small contributions to OS projects like akka or dbt (rvacaru (Razvan Vacaru) · GitHub)

I’d like to gain more experience with Scala and I think GSoC is an amazing opportunity. Do you think I could be a good fit for a Scala Center contribution/mentorship experience?

Thanks for your consideration,

Razvan Vacaru


Great to hear from you Razvan!

We would be happy to consider your application, of course nothing is sure until we know exactly how much spots we have and once we reviewed all the applications. We currently have 6+ people who expressed interest, especially in the semantic highlighting feature, so not one on you list. We don’t know exactly how many people will end up submitting proposals. If you are interested in particular project I suggest contacting the mentor to ask questions and figure out exactly what needs to be done to make sure that the topic is well understood.

You can ask questions here or more directly on the Scala discord server Scala

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@tgodzik can you clarify under what circumstances prospective GSoC participants ought to be asking about GSoC here, versus on Discord?

If people have technical questions about Scala that arise in the course of working on their projects, it’s plausible to say that there are multiple suitable venues for that.

Bbut if people have questions about GSoC itself, I suggest that there ought to be a single recommended place.

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can you clarify under what circumstances prospective GSoC participants ought to be asking about GSoC here, versus on Discord?

I think we can keep to organisational issues here (deadlines etc.) but if anyone wants to discuss specific technical issues it would be better to contact us on discord or directly under the github issue connected to the project.

We will have a dedicated slack later on once people get accepted.

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Hi everyone!
I’m happy :slightly_smiling_face: to tell you I’ve been accepted in GSoC 2022 for the ScalaCenter project “ExplicitResultTypes rule for Scala 3”.

Thanks to everyone who helped me with the proposal, in particular to @mlachkar and Brice Jaglin who will be mentoring me.

Hope to be collaborating with you soon!


Hi all,
As part of the GSoC 2022 we just managed to merge the PR which cross-compiles Scalafix to Scala 3!
See the PR for more details:
See the project summary/submission for more context: GitHub - rvacaru/GsoC-2022-Scalafix: Final Submission for GSoC'22
LinkedIn post: Sign Up | LinkedIn

It was a pleasure working with you and I’m really grateful for the opportunity! Big thanks to my mentors @mlachkar and @bjaglin for helping me throughout the project!

Let’s keep in touch!


That’s wonderful news — congratulations!

It appears that the ticket to follow for further news is scala 3: publish scalafix-cli_3 · Issue #1680 · scalacenter/scalafix · GitHub

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