Google Summer of Code - time to act

Dear Contributors,

It’s official - we are accepted to Google Summer of Code!

Please help us spread the word and get students world-wide to apply in the next 19 days!

Main links to share:

Thank you all!!


@tanishiking thank you for your interest earlier, it’s now time to apply :star_struck:

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Hi @darja ,
My name is Mykola Medynskyi, I’m a 3rd year student, studying Software Engineering at the Kyiv National Ukrainian university. I’d like to contribute to Scala and I am interested in the project “Implement support for some scientific computing libraries in Scala 3”.

Last year I made a contribution to DBpedia Extraction Framework in Scala during Google Summer of Code. Starting from February 2021, I have become a part-time contributor at DBpedia. Now I am upgrading the testing system of Extraction Framework there. So, I have hands-on experience with Scala.

I have a strong algorithmic background (solved ~200 tasks on leetcode). Also, I’m having a compilers course at the university right now, so I’m a little bit familiar with this topic.

My github: jlareck · GitHub
My leetcode:

Could you please coordinate me regarding the next steps? Do you have any warmup tasks?


Hi @jlareck thanks a lot for your interest and all the details!

I’ve already pinged our mentor team, they will reach out to you soon.

Also intersted in participating in GSoC this year. Third year student studying computer science in the University of Bergen, Norway.

The projects I’m the most interested in are “scalajs-jfe”, “Port shapeless-2.x to Scala 3”, “Improve the Scaladex UX and UI”, " Runnable and embeddable snippets for Scala 3". A lot, but not quite sure which I’m the most interested in yet.

When it comes to experience, I’m to lead dev of the SpongePowered Ore website. Got a good amount of experience with type level programming, and currently now trying to bring the same meta programming power down to the value level with a WIP library called perspective. Also got a side project of creating a Scala decompiler, which was by subject for a compiler course I took last semester. Not quite enough progress there yet though.

Would love to go through with something interesting this summer. Would love those next steps as well :smiley:


Thank you, @Katrix - someone from our mentor team will get in touch with you soon.

Really lovely to see all this interest :heart_eyes:


I am co-organising Scala GSoC with @darja and we are very happy to see interest in our projects!

Concerning the “next steps”: until March 29th you can get in touch with the mentors responsible for the projects that you are interested in and find out more.
The Student Application Period begins on March 29th and finishes on April 13th. Between those dates, you will be able to submit your application through the GSoC portal. Starting from April 13th, review of applications will begin on our side.
You can find all the important dates here.

Therefore I invite @jlareck to get in touch with @anatoliykmetyuk who coordinates the project that you mention.
Similarly, I encourage @Katrix to start by choosing one or two projects between the mentioned ones and to contact the mentors involved (@sjrd @julienrf @adpi2 or @romanowski)

You can use this forum’s built-in messaging feature. I am pinging mentors as well: I am sure they will be happy to know that you want to collaborate with them and so that your messages will not catch them by surprise.

I am hope that you will apply for our projects!


Thank you for the remind @darja @vincenzobaz ! (and sorry for my delayed reply).
I started to contact to scalameta team
here in Github discussion: Metals and the Google Summer of Code (GSOC) · Discussion #2593 · scalameta/metals · GitHub

Thank you again everyone for making GSoC happen!


Dear students, the time has come for you to act!

Google made the application procedure available on Monday, you can find it here.

It allows students to officially submit project proposals which are visible to mentors.

You have until April 13th to complete, but I invite you to to do it sooner rather than later so that mentors can help to tune and polish proposals instead of just having to choose between accepting and refusing.

I am looking forward to receiving your proposals!