Google Summer Of Code project ideas for 2017?

Hi, all. I am Tony, a master student at Columbia University. I am planning to apply for this year’s google summer of code and contribute to the Scala community. I tried to find project ideas online and only found the project ideas for gsoc 2016. I wonder if there is a updated list of project ideas? Thanks!

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Hey @TonyWu, great to hear that!

You can get in touch with either @felixmulder or @julienrf, they are the guys running GSoC this year. Paging @fommil too (Sam Halliday) who may be interested in proposing projects to GSoC.

For now, I don’t know which project ideas are being considered, but surely one of the nice people I’ve mentioned before will let you know. Good luck and thanks for getting involved into the Scala community!


Hi @TonyWu. Good question! You’re right that it’s about the right time for us to be preparing project ideas.

To get project brainstorming started, here are some of the people at EPFL that usually offer GSoC projects:

Anyone else I’m missing? @nicolasstucki? @liufengyun? @OlivierBlanvillain?


Hi @heathermiller. Thank you for your reply. I will definitely try to contact those people and come up with a good proposal.

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@jvican Thank you for your suggestion!

Hy TonyWu, we should receive the confirmation of our participation to the GSOC in a few days. We will then add a page in our website to list the project proposals. I’ll keep you informed!


Great. Looking forward to see interesting project ideas!

We are happy to announce that we have been accepted as an organization for the GSOC!

You can find our projects list here:
For reference, the timeline is available here:

Contributors are welcome to submit other project ideas :slight_smile:


Thanks. I am interested in the project “Auto-completion and type information in Scastie”. Could you give some advice about how to start?

I think that @MasseGuillaume will tell you more about that project, he’s the original creator of Scastie. Hey Guillaume, do you mind chiming in and fleshing out the proposal a little bit more? Perhaps we could have independent threads to discuss proposals in depth. :slight_smile:

Hi @TonyWu,

Auto-completion and type information in Scastie

Scastie is a interactive Scala playground: We rely on a build tool called sbt to compile and run our code. We want to add auto-completion. For example, in your favorite IDE you get all members of a class.

The Scala Compiler already have an interface called the presentation compiler. I use it in my personal project ScalaKata:

With Scastie, we have the challenge to support multiple configurations. For example, you can add/remove libraries. Another challenge is to support Dotty (another Scala Compiler), it’s has a different api for auto-completion.

Hi @TonyWu,
I am really excited about the scala community and the whole idea behind development of Scala and based on my experience of working with JVM, because of extensive JAVA code, I also have a bit of experience in Scala. I’d like to start contributing, could you please help?