Generic number literals extension


Would it be possible to implement support of generic number literals in extension methods?

import scala.util.FromDigits
import scala.math.BigDecimal
class CustomNumber(val v:BigDecimal)
object Test{
  given BDC as FromDigits[CustomNumber] {
     def fromDigits(digits: String): CustomNumber = {
  def (value: CustomNumber) cne: CustomNumber = value
  def cn(value: CustomNumber): CustomNumber = value
  @main def run():Unit = {
    val v:CustomNumber = 10 //ok
    println(cn(10)) //ok
    println(10.cne)  //Dotty 0.18.1-RC1r says: value cne is not a member of Int - did you mean Int(10).+?

IMHO: It will be just great.