Fourth batch of Scala 3 SIPs

Hello Scala Community,

The SIP Committee met for the second time face-to-face, March 13-15 2019 in Swiss Alps. They successfully went over the majority of features, creating an exhaustive TODO list, feature after feature. Minutes of the meetings are coming soon, in the meantime, they need your valuable comments for the next batch of planned changes.

Check out the 4th batch:

  1. Proposal to add Opaque Type Aliases
  2. Proposal to remove Symbol literals
  3. Proposal to add Type lambdas
  4. Proposal to add Extension Methods
  5. Proposal to add Top-level definitions
  6. Proposal to add Kind Polymorphism

The rules for this batch’s discussion are the same: after one month from the opening of discussions, threads will be automatically locked. Then, SIP Committee members will process the feedback in every thread, write up a summary, and bring it up it in the next SIP meeting. We will then take all your inputs into account and find ways to move forward.

All the contextual information on these discussions and the reasons why we’re organizing them can be found in the previous thread introducing the first batch of Scala 3 proposals: First batch of Scala 3 SIPs .

Other batches:
Second batch
Third Batch

Thank you all for your participation!


Note that for practical scheduling reasons, the April SIP meeting might be as early as April 16th or so, so there might be a little less than the full month for discussion of this batch.