Foundations of Function Programming online course is now available!

My name is Julien Truffaut. I am the author of the popular open-source library Monocle, an optics library that helps functional Scala developers to traverse, transform, and access deeply nested data structures.

For the last 5 years, I have been running functional programming training workshops with great success. I focus my training on simple functional programming techniques that deliver massive value to companies.

My first online course, Foundations of Functional Programming in Scala, is now available on Early Access!

Foundation is a self-paced online course that focuses on the practical side of functional programming. You will learn to write programs that are both robust and easy to maintain as we cover the foundational knowledge required to make you a confident, productive, and skilled functional Scala developer.

The course will contain six chapters totalling around 20 hours of training covering topics such as parallel data processing, error handling and interactions with external systems. A detailed synopsis is available here.

Foundation has been designed to suit both beginner and intermediate-level Scala developers with only a basic understanding of Scala syntax required. All exercises have answers and detailed walkthrough videos covering testing, refactoring techniques and working with an IDE. I have designed the course to imitate the experience of pair-programming with an experienced developer, which, in my view, is by far the best way to learn.

The course is currently on Early Access, which means you will get access to the course before it is complete at a heavily discounted price. This also means you can help to shape the development of the upcoming modules too.

The first two chapters, and most of the third, are available now, featuring native subtitling in six languages, written by experienced Scala developers:

  1. English
  2. French thanks to Xavier Van de Woestyne
  3. Italian thanks to Francesco Serra
  4. Japanese thanks to Yoshimasa Tanabe and Atsumine Kondo
  5. Russian thanks to Nikita Shestakov and Anton Parkhomenko
  6. Spanish thanks to Alejandro Marin