Feature Request: Add a download link for the Scala 3 ScalaDoc

I often use the standard library ScalaDoc when I’m coding.

It would be great if we could download these static files to use offline, like with JavaDoc.

My internet is sometimes unstable, and the scala-lang.org site can also go down.

It’s possible to build these files pretty easily, but having a zip in the release assets or somewhere would be awesome.


I would even print a physical copy :yum:

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You might be interested by the website DevDocs, which allows you to quickly browse documentation, even offline. It already supports Java (OpenJDK) and Scala 2, and support for Scala 3 is coming up.

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Just a quick update to let you know that the Scala 3 documentation is now available on DevDocs!


The first link I clicked on DevDocs — Scala 3.1 documentation was a 404. In fact most links under “Package structure” on that page don’t work.