Extension method search API

Scala 3 has an API for implicit lookup:

trait Quotes {
   trait refelectModle { 

       // quotes.reflect.Implicits
       trait ImplicitsModule { self: Implicits.type =>
          /** Find a given instance of type `T` in the current scope provided by the current enclosing splice.
          *  Return an `ImplicitSearchResult`.
          *  @param tpe type of the implicit parameter
          def search(tpe: TypeRepr): ImplicitSearchResult

My Problem is: Is there ay API for lookup extensions methods such as:

   // search for a matchable method for tpe.name[typeArgs](args) and return the method symbol.
   // include search for the tpe itself, or extension methods.
   def search(tpe: TypeRepr, name: String, typeArgs: List[TypeRepr],  
              args: List[List[TypeRepr]]): Option[Symbol]


search( TypeReprt.of[String], "toInt", Nil, Nil) == 
symbol( scala.collection.StringOps#toInt )