Email notification about a restricted topic?

I’ve recently joined the forums and my settings are configured to have mailing-list mode on (which is the default) and I just got an email notification about a new topic. Trying to enter the topic via “View Topic” lead me to a page with “Sorry, you don’t have access to that topic!” message.

The topic:

I’m guessing the topic was originally posted with a certain tag / forum which is accessible to all but then later was moved to a private one?

Anyhow, is there a possibly to receive access to this type of topics?

Same thing happened here. Whether it’s supposed to be open or not, at least the website and the emails should agree! Since the email says it is trying to get “feedback from the community”, I would think that the access restriction is the error.

Hey guys, I was the author of that topic. We’re still refining its contents, so we’ll make it open as soon as everything is ready. The email notification must have been a Discourse glitch because the post was immediately marked “unlisted” and private.

Yeah, that doesn’t work. Unlisted just means it doesn’t show up in the forum overview. I got bitten by that too.

I’d suggest the title, “First SIPs of Scala <3”.

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