Dotty way of writing Scala 2 code

We have started a project/repo to compare Scala 2 and Dotty in-depth. This is WIP. The link to the repo is here. We would love your feedback and contributions!!


That’s beautifully useful – I’ll probably be talking it up, and might find some time to add to it. Thanks!

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Thank you! Would be awesome if you could add to it. I will be happy to remind you just in case you forget. Maybe in a couple of weeks?

No promises, I’m afraid – I have a lot of balls in the air right now, and some big deadlines coming up. But we’ll see…

This is really helpful, seeing them side-by-side.

I was kind of hoping that browsing this would help sell me on the semantic indentation, but it’s making me more leery of that being the new default.

Really liking the new extension method syntax, though, so there’s that :slight_smile: