Dotterweide embeddable IDE - contributors wanted

Hi there,

you may or may not remember that I already announced this at the end of last year, anyway redundancy doesn’t hurt :slight_smile: I’m still looking for people who’d like to help out on the Dotterweide mini-IDE for Scala, an “embeddable” (i.e. can be dropped into a project as a library) editor/IDE for Scala sources to run in a desktop environment (Swing). Here are the main links:

There’s plenty to work on:

  • improve the editor, fix bugs
  • think about Scala “projects” (i.e. multiple connected sources) and how they can be represented
  • think about a Metals client (that’s a big project)
  • work on particular components, e.g. API browser

I’m currently looking into the last item, replacing scaladoc HTML5 API browser by a simpler and more modular approach, also ditching the JavaFX webkit component in favour of pure Swing (this is a big pain point for me, as JavaFX-embedded-via-JFXPanel is missing in many Java distributions, so the aim is to make a pure cross-platform component work again).

Best, .h.h.