Compile to LLVM or WASM

I’m curious if anyone can point me to information on the process and progress being made toward compiled Scala 3 and whether there is a Scala-specific intermediary which branches to LLVM and WASM or if those are two entirely independent projects.

I’d also like to know how much progress has been made on those.

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Yes indeed! Check out the Scala Native project. It targets LLVM, which then makes it possible to target a variety of architectures, including WASM.

The stable Scala Native 0.4.x series is already supported by several major libraries: it is fully possible to deploy an HTTP microservice or CLI application compiled to native. Meanwhile we are actively working towards 0.5.x which brings the necessary changes to support multi-threading and WASM.

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“The Future of WebAssembly for Scala” talk was just posted :slight_smile:


Great, Awesome! We want this. Keep doing the good work.