Community build progress report

A couple weeks ago I published which covers a whole year of community build work.

The following covers just what’s been happening in December & January.

I just closed out a round of work on the 2.12 build, with an eye toward setting it aside for a while to focus on 2.13.

new 2.12 additions:

  • doobie
  • scalaz-zio
  • mdoc (“mdoc is a markdown documentation tool for Scala inspired by tut”; see
  • sconfig (Lightbend Config converted from Java to Scala, so it can work with Scala.js and Scala Native)
  • testz
  • Kafka


One remaining open loop is scala-pet-store (, a Typelevel sample app. Their flagship sample app, I think. In the community build we mostly do libraries, not apps, but we like to include a few apps here and there, for diversity, and to verify that everything works together.

As before, the 2.12 build remains unfrozen primarily because of 2.13, counterintuitively. We need the 2.13 build to validate 2.13; the 2.13 build needs to include the branches where 2.13 upgrades are happening; the easiest way to do that is to get those branches green in 2.12 first.