Coming soon: Scala 2.13.3

This is a thread to discuss plans and share progress on Scala 2.13.3.

2.13.2 has no single regression bad enough to require rushing out 2.13.3, but there are enough smaller regressions that it makes sense not to wait too long, either.

I’ve set the rough target date on the 2.13.3 milestone to June 1. I also created a 2.13.4 milestone, with a rough date in August.

Most open PRs have been moved to the 2.13.4 milestone, but some of those could still make 2.13.3, depending on risk vs. benefit.

Links helpful for seeing how 2.13.3 is shaping up:


I’m wondering about the added deprecations. This version is fastracked because some users experienced troubles upgrading. Introducing more deprecations now seems counterproductive.

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Good point, however:

  1. Deprecations aren’t fatal, however, unless you make them.
  2. In 2.13 you can also configure warning suppression (keeping the rest fatal).
  3. The deprecations have accompanying rewrites in, however that lacks docs on how to run the new rewrites and it would be useful to have it already published on Maven Central.