Clear REPL console


I would like to know if is possible to add a command to clear the REPL console?


Do you mean :reset? Or like the bash command clear?


Exactly like bash clear command.



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On the Mac Terminal app and iTerm ⌘K will clear the screen and scrollback.

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17 extra characters spent would probably make this message “C-I” more clear.

I for one have to bow my head in shame, and admit I don’t understand what is meant with “C-I” in this post, and could have used the extra context required by the minimum character count.

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That is a key combination: Ctrl+l

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Another cool trick with sbt:

in ~/.sbt/0.13/build.sbt

commands += Command.command("cls") { state =>
  print("\033c") // clear char in xterm

then I use it like this: ~;cls;test


:help could include terminal help, including .rc files and any jline info (if jline is used).

That l sure looks like an I. I wonder if the forum can specify the font. That was an eye, not an ell.


Cool! Someone should open a sbt ticket to keep track of this feature. Implementing it wouldn’t be hard, either!