Bugfixes and seamless installation process for Coursier

Dear community,

One year ago, we simplified “Getting Started” experience by bringing several improvements to Coursier and making it the default way to set up Scala.

We received valuable feedback about our work and we identified the following necessary next steps to keep fulfilling our mission of bringing a simple “Getting Started” experience:

  1. Make sure Coursier works reliably by fixing the important bugs that are reported. In partnership with VirtusLab and Alexandre Archambault, we have identified a set of high priority issues. You can follow our progress by looking at the closed high priority issues.
  2. Add support for recent architectures (e.g., ARM64 and Apple M1) to the native launcher. Related issues: coursier#2537, coursier#2335.
  3. Streamline the installation process by automatically providing packages that are better integrated with operating systems (ie, Linux packages, MSI installers on Windows, PKG installers on macOS). Corresponding issue: coursier#2647

We expect to complete this project by the end of Q1 2023.


For 3. we have an issue now! Streamline the installation process · Issue #2647 · coursier/coursier · GitHub