Bounty program for Scala?

I had an issue using scoverage on some Zio-based code, which brought me to the discussion below:

To me, the following quote in particular got me thinking:

Would it make sense to set up a bounty program for Scala jobs/bugs? Instead of having an organization be responsible for actually fixing all the issues, perhaps the organization (e.g. Scala Center?) could just be the organizer of the bounty program. They would be the “place to go” for companies who have a painpoint to resolve, to open up a specific bounty (or contribute to an existing bounty), and for developers who are looking to contribute and earn some recognition and money.

Of course, managing such a program is not completely labor-free, because the organization has to act as a sort of “escrow”, coordinating the attribution of the work and managing the acceptance of the solution, the release of bounties, etc, but it seems manageable.

Just my humble suggestion!