Bloop CI sharing


Gradle supports a remote build cache.
It can be very conveniently to use night build compilation cache.

Is there any plan to add similar feature to bloop?

If it is complicated, will it be possible to add ‘bloop change dir’ command, so that it will be possible:

  • update local project from vcs
  • download .bloop directory with night build compilation
  • copy that directory to the local project
  • execute ‘bloop change dir’
  • change some files
  • execute ‘bloop compile project’, this will do incremental compilation from night build.



It is possible and it’s something we’ve built bloop to handle. You can follow progress on remote compilation in this scalacenter/bloop ticket. However, note that this is not a priority at the moment so it’s not currently in the roadmap.

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This ticket have been closed:

  • The message says: “any tool that wants remote compilation can implement it outside of bloop and that flexibility might be even better”

Would it be possible to make some commands which allow to implement external remote compilation much easier? For example: