Benchmarking the new collections on GSoC 2017

Hi, all. I’m Ito, a master’s course student of information science and technology. I have some experience in scala.
I found this GSoC project at ScalaMatsuri. And now I’m very interested in “Benchmarking the new collections” project.
I want to get involved in not only benchmarking but also improving the new collections if find problems.
This approach is possible? Please tell me the details.
Thank you :slight_smile:

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Hi amaya382,

First, let me summarize the goals of this GSOC project:

  • get a reliable benchmark suite that gives us confidence that the new collections have the same performance (or better) as the current collections ;
  • get an continuous integration infrastructure that helps us detect performance regressions ;
  • get a convenient user interface to compare different collections (currently we just have static images, but that would be better to have something more interactive where we could dynamically show or hide some collections from the charts).

Does that make sense to you? Can you give me more details about the “improving the new collections if find problems” part?

Thank you for reply!
I understand, I completely thought this project has benchmarking phase and then maybe improving phase (to make collections’ performance better by result of benchmarking).
It is also interesting for me to create benchmark suite deeply, so I’ll resummarize my proposal in reference to your summary.