Announcing Scala -Xsource:3 final!

Le Centre de Scala is pleased to announce the final release of Scala -Xsource:3, the Scala 2 effort to release Scala 3 before Easter!

As Dr Odersky explains, “This gets us 80% of the way there, so we’re calling it done.”

This release lets you write infix arithmetic the way you learned it in primary school:

+ 27

Note that -Xsource:3 excludes controversial features such as optional braces; the last change they made to given syntax after I had already updated my project; screwing with the way implicit search works just when I almost understood it; etc. It’s basically the Scala 2 we all love, but slightly tweaked to be unrecognizable. Compilation speeds are about the same as for -Xsource:2.

After April 1, there is still hope for the Dotty project to release another Scala 3 by Orthodox Easter, but that entails extending a punishing Lenten season where we can’t have nice things, such as a normal life.