Announcing Scala 3.1.0-RC3

Scala 3.1.0-RC3 is here, ready to be tested.
This release brings backports for a few selected fixes that were done between the release of RC1 and now. Due to our compatibility guarantees, most of them would have needed to wait for 3.2 if they weren’t backported. Said fixes are:

  • Make batch files support installation path containing spaces (#13577)
  • Fix #13626: Wrong position of quote content (#13627)
  • Fix #10867: Normalize after applyIfParameterized in superType (#13253)
  • Generate static forwarders for object members in companion interface (#13573)
  • Allow -source 3.1 as a version (#13617)

If there are no regressions, the full release of 3.1 is expected in two weeks.


You should already be able to test it out with Metals in the latest master 0.10.7+80-9c3303a5-SNAPSHOT version. Or any version that shows up at Text Editors | Metals