Announcing Scala 3.0.1-RC1

We are happy to announce Scala 3.0.1-RC1 – the first release candidate in the post-3.0.0 era. With this release, we continue the work on making the compiler even more stable. We are introducing a new policy on experimental features along with improvements to Scaladoc, error reporting, cross-compilation with Scala 2, and many bug fixes. You can read more in the blog article: Scala 3.0.1-RC1 – further stabilising the compiler


Given there is now a new release pattern for Scala 3 versions (every 6 weeks?), it would be useful at the top of the announcement to say something about time frames to manage expectations.

IOW, adding a line about “Anticipated Timing:” where it indicates the checkpoint date and if successful, the intended publication date.

The purpose is for those who are quite sensitive about beginning an investment into an experimental transition to Scala 3. If every release drop, they can near-future anticipate what is going to happen, it generates a sense of confidence that a fundamental show-stopper that they may stumble upon is likely only x weeks or even days away before the “fix” emerges.

IOW, building confidence in the much shorter feedback loop will hopefully encourage more experimentation and even earlier adoption of Scala 3 for the more risk-adverse types (like me, LOL).