Announcing Dotty 0.22.0-RC1

We are excited to announce the 0.22.0-RC1 version of Dotty. This version brings syntactic enhancements for extension methods and context parameters, as well as the kind projector syntax. Other notable changes include type-level arithmetic, changes to the inline parameters semantics and suggestions on missing context parameters.

You can read more about the changes this version brings in the blog article:

Notable Changes


New syntax for collective extension methods #7917
Fix #7139: Implement kind-projector compatibility #7775
Change to given/using syntax #8162



Add constructors for TypeOrBounds that are not refs or PolyType #7961
Move unsafe operations from Expr to UnsafeExpr #8041
Add requiredXYZ symbols to TASTy reflect context #7903


Fix #7142: Detect scope extrusions in macros and run #8000
Disallow phase inconsistent inline parameters #8061
Redefine semantics of inline parameters #8060

Other Highlights

Add primitive compiletime operations on singleton types #7628
Make suggestions of missing implicits imports on type errors #7862
Fix #6849: support irrefutable sequence match #6850
Upgrade to sbt 1.3.6, release sbt-dotty 0.4.0 #7953
Fix #7991: don’t set JavaDefined for Dotty Enum module class #8008
IArray extension methods #7795
Put erased under -Yerased-terms flag #7906


Thank you to all the contributors who made this release possible :tada:

According to git shortlog -sn --no-merges 0.21.0-RC1..0.22.0-RC1 these are:

   192  Martin Odersky
    85  Nicolas Stucki
    57  Antoine Brunner
    42  Liu Fengyun
    29  Guillaume Martres
    23  Aggelos Biboudis
    17  Maxime Kjaer
    10  Anatolii
     7  Jamie Thompson
     4  Minghao Liu
     3  Travis Brown
     3  Andrew Valencik
     2  fhackett
     2  Dvir Faivel
     2  Nadezhda Balashova
     2  Ruslan Shevchenko
     2  Lan, Jian
     2  Anatolii Kmetiuk
     2  Yevgen Nerush
     1  Dale Wijnand
     1  odersky
     1  Dmitrii Naumenko
     1  Eric K Richardson
     1  Eric Loots
     1  Jaap van der Plas
     1  Keith Pinson
     1  Miles Sabin
     1  Alexander Shamukov
     1  Som Snytt
     1  Taisuke Oe
     1  Timothée Floure
     1  bishabosha
     1  gzoller

Reporting Bugs

If you encounter a bug, please open an issue! :pray:


The list of contributors is scrollable, by the way.