Announcing Dotty 0.21.0-RC1 – Feature Complete! πŸŽ‰

This release is a HUGE milestone for us, for Dotty, for Scala 3, for our community. Since that initial commit on the 6th December of 2012 when the only feature was the basic structure of a compiler based on the DOT calculus, we have come a long way.

7 years and 20k commits later we are happy to announce that we are now feature-complete for Scala 3.
This means that with this release we stop adding new features and we focus on the stability of the language, performance and eduction.

Other than that, this release brings some novelties to the language, such as explicit nulls, new syntax for conditional givens, new match syntax and pattern matching on quotes. You can read more about these in our blog post:

Notable Changes

  • Dotty with explicit nulls (and flow typing) #7546
  • Add SemanticDB extractor #7379
  • Add quoted.util.ExprMap #7570
  • Improve performance of tuple operations #7689
  • Change extension method syntax #7557
  • Independent tasty-core library #7616


Thank you to all the contributors who made this release possible :tada:

According to git shortlog -sn --no-merges 0.20.0-RC1..0.21.0-RC1 these are:

   176  Martin Odersky
   171  Bryan Abate
    88  Nicolas Stucki
    81  Jamie Thompson
    44  noti0na1
    29  Anatolii
    28  bishabosha
    23  Antoine Brunner
    19  Guillaume Martres
    10  Aleksander Boruch-Gruszecki
     8  Guillaume Raffin
     6  Olafur Pall Geirsson
     5  SΓ©bastien Doeraene
     4  Aggelos Biboudis
     4  Liu Fengyun
     4  Paolo G. Giarrusso
     3  Andrea Mocci
     3  Martijn Hoekstra
     2  Ben Elliott
     2  Patrik Mada
     2  Rafal Piotrowski
     2  odersky
     1  Markus Kahl
     1  Richard Beddington
     1  Vlastimil Dort
     1  Anatolii Kmetiuk
     1  Raphael Jolly
     1  Lucas
     1  Nikita Eshkeev
     1  Brian Wignall
     1  Olivier Blanvillain
     1  εΌ εΏ—θ±ͺ

Reporting Bugs

If you encounter a bug, please open an issue! :pray: