Announce: sbt 0.13.17


Lightbend Tooling team is happy to announce sbt 0.13.17. sbt 0.13.17 is a maintenance release from 0.13 branch.

Here are the additions since sbt 0.13.16:

This release is intended to be binary and source compatible with 0.13.x. It is possible to use the existing 0.13.x or 1.x launcher with this release by settings project/ as follows:


Special thanks to the contributors for making this release a success.


I’ll repeat what I said on Twitter: for Scala.js users on Java 9, this new sbt version will make fastOptJS parallel again, including with existing Scala.js versions.

Yup, sbt-scalajs from the past was so smart that it now knows to re-enable the parallel linker when run with an sbt that better supports Java 9 :sunglasses: