Annotate new keyword

Hello to all,

Is it possible to annotate new keyword in Scala?

In Java I imported my own annotation in java/lang and I am able to
annotate new operation just like that (and it work):
String str = new @Cache String(“Hello World”)

Is it possible with Scala too? I tried the following but it did not work:
val str: String = new @Cache String(“Hello World”)

Does this work?

new (String @Cache)("Hello World")

But also, please ask usage questions like this over at

(Or, if this is in the context of some Scala contribution you are working on and that’s why you asked here, then please make that context clear.)


Hello and thanks for the reply.

Well I am working to implement a garbage collection and I want to move certain objects in different generations. So I want to annotate new operation as I did in Java.

This could be an extension of Scala language to provide hints to JVM to allocate objects in certain generations.

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