Almighty Standard Build Tool

How well is the new build tool integrated with the old build tool, Bleep?

What would actually a build tool look like that consolidates all the best ideas form Bazel, Buck 2, Bleep, Scala CLI, and SBT 2?

Serious question, not an xkcd reference. Some almighty Standard Build Tool would be really nice.

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Hmm, I would have one or two things to say here…

But I don’t want to hijack the Scala-CLI thread further with not directly related stuff. Scala CLI is out, and that’s great! Let’s not diverge the topic.

Maybe some Mod could cut out the thread snipped here and place it under something like “Open ended opinion exchange on Scala build tools”, or that like. There we could continue, I guess. :slight_smile:

As we have the thread (thank you @SethTisue!) so, let’s discuss :wink:

Let me start with a controversial topic: We may not need a build tool like SBT, Mill, or Gradle for most projects in Scala; something like Cargo (or our Bleep) is sufficient for pretty much all commercial and most open-source projects.


What do you mean by “our Bleep”?

Btw, Bleep has recently had a first (pre-)release Releases · oyvindberg/bleep · GitHub .

He probably means our in the context of Scala community: Rust’s (their) Cargo, Scala’s (our) bleep

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