A good starting point for GSOC 2017

Hi all,
I’m Piyush, a 3rd year undergraduate in Computer Science Engineering and am looking to participate in the GSOC 2017 with Scala. I’ve taken a look at this year’s project ideas and am interested in the “String interpolator for XML literals” project. I have some experience with functional programming in Scala provided via the Coursera course. I am actually looking for a good starting point to start my investigation into this project. Could anyone point me in the right direction :slight_smile:

Asking questions and showing some initiative and maybe even some experimental code before the mentors have to decide who to take on is the best first step :).

In terms of learning material, the coursera course is a good idea and exoerimenting with the Scala features you’d need for that project. It’s not my project, but I suppose you’d implement a macro and quasi quote backed string interpolator.
I’d recommend you learn about

You could also check out https://github.com/akhileshs/XML_Interpolator which is an earlier attempt at the same thing I think.


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