3.2.2 release thread

We have released the first RC for Scala 3.2.2. This is another bug-fixing release - the last one in the 3.2 line. It also brings you a preview of the new experimental implementation of lazy vals that should have better performance characteristics. The new lazy val scheme is planned to be stabilized and made the default one in 3.3.


We have released the second release candidate for 3.2.2. It contains a few fixes for things that were not working correctly in the first RC. The full release is expected in the first half of January.


That was the most intense release procedure up to date. The problems were mainly around the 3.3.0-RC* part, so you may have seen 3.2.2 artifacts lying idly on maven central for some time. But today is the day! We can say that Scala 3.2.2 is officially released!