3.2.1 release thread

We have released the first RC for the upcoming Scala 3.2.1. This new release focused chiefly on compatibility improvements and may help some projects that had problems with source compatibility while migrating from 3.1.3 to 3.2.0.

The 3.2.1 will also bring two new things:

  • New look for Scaladoc, which is still in development, but you can have a peek at how it will look on our nightly documentation.
  • Possibility to experiment with capture calculus without needing to build the compiler from sources.

You may also want to track the source compatibility meta-issue for 3.2.1:


Here is our new release candidate with fixes we have managed to merge so far.

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We have two more release candidates.
The first of them fixes three regressions - source compatibility breakages - that were found by the open community build. Backporting those fixes is crucial to our goal of making updates of the compiler version as smooth as it is possible.

The other release candidate published today contains the same fixes as RC3 but also updates the Scala 2 library dependency version to 2.13.10. That allows people who are cross-building on 2 and 3 to be on the same standard library version, as Scala 2 library versions before 2.13.10 were affected by (not really exploitable) CVE.

After some complications, we are happy to announce that Scala 3.2.1 is here!