2.13.0-RC1 timing: January 2019


We’ve decided to postpone the 2.13.0-RC1 release by 3 months (from mid October to mid January), to make sure that we have enough time to deliver the best possible upgrade experience from 2.12.7 to 2.13.0.

No major issues have come up since the last milestone, but we still feel it would be better to take some more time to resolve more of the smaller issues that remain, to improve the migration guide and the compatibility layer for cross-building between 2.12 and 2.13, and generally to help the eco-system upgrade to 2.13.0-M5 before starting the RC cycle.

Concretely, the Scala team at Lightbend is seeking to collaborate with OSS project maintainers to help port projects from 2.12 to 2.13. I’ve created a ticket to coordinate the effort – please comment there with any projects you’d like to nominate (including your own ;-)).

PS: We remain in feature freeze – this extra time is purely meant for extra polish, not more new shiny :slight_smile: