2.13.0-M5 release train


The akka-http 10.1.7 artifacts have now also been published for 2.13.0-M5


akka-http-cors has been published for 2.13.0-M5 in version 0.3.4.


also available now for M5: jawn, scodec-bits, scala-swing, cachecontrol


and: algebra, play-ws, fs2


and: akka-http-cors, play-server, metrics4-scala, log4s, scalariform, doobie, cats-mtl, kittens, silencer

scala-parallel-collections couldn’t be published for M5 because stdlib changes were required. it works with the latest 2.13 nightly and we will publish it for RC1

ScalaTest users on M5 may wish to upgrade to 3.0.6-SNAP6, if you were on SNAP4 or SNAP5


ScalaTest 3.0.6 and 3.0.7 are published for M5; no more “SNAP” releases needed

more libraries are now available for M5: spire, scalatags, jackson-module-scala

2.13.0-RC1 will be here soon; see 2.13.0-RC1 timing: January 2019


http4s crossed the finish line: https://twitter.com/http4s/status/1113924244369563649

http4s pulls in a huge swath of the Typelevel ecosystem, so that’s a good sign that Typelevel is in good shape for 2.13.

Now that RC1 is out that’s it for this thread :wave:

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