2.12.4 PR queue winding down, release by end of September

With 2.12.4 less than two weeks away, new PRs will now be assigned to milestone 2.12.5 by default. We will also reschedule current PRs that are likely to need more time. If your PR fixes a critical bug for 2.12.4, please bring in to our attention and we’ll prioritize including it, assuming it is ready for review this week.

Once 2.12.4 is done, we will merge forward to 2.13.0-M3 and start winding down its PR queue, releasing asap (by mid October).

Note that 2.12.5 is currently scheduled for March 2018, as we focus our efforts to ensure a timely release of 2.13.0-RC1.


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2.12.4 is on Maven Central. Release announcement to follow any day now. Follow https://github.com/scala/scala-dev/issues/432 for details

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2.12.4 is done and announced. release notes at https://github.com/scala/scala/releases/tag/v2.12.4

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