Who would help creating an embeddable mini-IDE?


Just a short update; departing from ToyIDE, some basics have been implemented now, just directly talking to PC, such as diagnostics and finding corresponding symbols.

I ran into some issues with the AST regarding the representation of var x = y (virtual setters and getters) as well as x += y (since that desugars to x_=(x + y)).

I’m still looking for more volunteers to join the project. Especially if someone wants to work on a language server client (targetting metals).

best, …h.h…


Having basic auto-completion and type-at-cursor now in place. Put the latter together with scala-doc look-up. Still having trouble parsing the type from PC, and also producing the exact scala-doc URI.

Help is still wanted; please get in touch, if you want to help out, work on a feature, or contribute something. Getting the auto-completion dialog to work smoothly, and getting the type-at / scala-doc links to work correctly would be fantastic. Also generally improving the editor functionality. And last not least, if someone wants to tackle Metals / LSP-client integration.