What can make scala more popular?


Let’s not repeat half year of discussions on loop.

I completely agree with it.


So it’s just one class inside ScalaFX that inherits from DelayedInit. Without DelayedInit we need to change:

object ScalaFxApp extends JFXApp {
  // some lines of initialization code


object ScalaFxApp extends JFXApp {
  def delayedInit(): Unit = {
    // some lines of initialization code

Not a very big deal. At least not big enough to be convinced by it that DelayedInit makes Scala noticeably superior. I wouldn’t expect dozens of JFXApps in a single project. With few ones the saving are also small.


No, it does not.
But take into account:

  • DelayedInit is a bad alternative of kotlin reciever function and Scope Functions
  • if main task is view and the view code may contain 70% of markup code then kotlin will be just better.

So we have two camps in our company. Ones write controllers in the first camp, and others write views in the second camp. The second camp people just dream about kotlin sometimes. It is very good kotlin advertising ;).

There are many good illustration in history that something can be very, very good,but being a little bit worse is absolutely enough to remain in history.

But absence of more better dsl for view’s markup just do kotlin more desirable…


I think that supporting Scala on Android would do a lot to make Scala more popular. Right now, Scala-on-android is stuck at version 2.11, but I was recently looking at the d8 project which allows people to use java 8 features and then compile their Java 8 bytecode to dex bytecode. I don’t see why this can’t work for Scala. In fact, it looks this person with tag @LolHens has already started working on a prototype sbt plugin to support d8 https://github.com/LolHens/sbt-android-d8, and also talks a little bit about it here.

That could be a pretty low hanging fruit, and allow Scala to compete better with Kotlin, but I have never developed for Android and so don’t know much about it.


Agreed. However it’s been pointed out that it also needs to be made official. Unless Scala is officially supported and marketed for JVM, Android, JS, and Native, Kotlin has a big advantage over us.


I’m all for getting official support for Android and Native (assuming JS is already “official” isn’t it)! How it would be funded on the other hand I don’t know…