Should the Scala Platform modules use the Scala namespace or a common namespace?


Maybe just scalap for platform?


I still see 0 technical benefit to having a platform package, and several technical liabilities. The few arguments in favor of the proposal are social, and there are equally problematic social arguments compensating them (library in 2 platforms, or what happens when a library is removed from a platform).

I don’t understand why this proposal is still considered to be on track and virtually accepted.


Agreed – it seems like an overall bad idea, and I’m a bit mystified as to why everyone seems to be steaming ahead full speed towards it…


Agree with @sjrd and @jducoeur and @SethTisue and others who suggest that this is not a good idea. Let’s shut it down please, I think it’s settled.


This is part of my plan to conquer the world :slight_smile:

Yes, I agree, I think you’re all right on this one. The technical disabilities were planned to be fixed with a package alias language feature and automatic rewrites. But it’s too soon to talk about them, and it’s better to avoid this problem upfront by not having a common namespace for the Scala Platform.

Thank you all for your insights, it’s been interesting to get familiar with your good points.