Scala 2.13.7 release planning

This thread is for updates and discussions about an eventual Scala 2.13.7 release.

At this time there there isn’t any single issue clearly driving the release timing. But we look to do releases every 3-6 months regardless, to ship whatever improvements have accumulated. 2.13.6 was released on May 17.

You can get some sense of what’s already landed, and what might land soon, from looking at this list of 2.13.7 pull requests marked “release notes”:


We’re looking at this more actively again and will discuss at team meeting next week.

On Gitter, @smarter writes:

you might want to wait a few weeks for 3.1.0 to be out before releasing 2.13.7 to bump the supported tasty version

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We’ve set a tentative target date of November 1. (If it slips a bit because 3.1.0 is delayed, or because something else crops up, that’s okay.)

Scala 2 committers: We’re very close to a 2.13.7 release now, so please consider the 2.13.x branch off-limits for further merging unless we’re realllllly sure the PR is safe, or necessary for 2.13.7, or both.

Release candidate is 2.13.7-bin-8fde4e3. (instructions)

Draft release notes are in the following PR. Feedback is welcome; please comment on the PR.

There will be one more release candidate, to get in a few last minor changes.

new release candidate is 2.13.7-bin-fe0df69

2.13.7 JARs are now on Maven Central.

I’m proceeding with the rest of the release steps at


The website changes aren’t publishing for some reason. I’ve asked Fabien for assistance. Ticket is

We won’t fully announce until that’s fixed, but in the meantime, don’t worry, there don’t seem to be any quality problems with the release itself. (Knock on wood.)

Website issue resolved. Release is announced and done.


The compiler plugins of Scala Native v0.4.1 and Scala.js 1.7.1 for Scala 2.13.7 are on Maven Central. Scala.js 1.5.1->1.7.0 will follow. Older versions will not be published for Scala 2.13.7.