Scala 2.12.6 coming soon

Because of , we will build and release Scala 2.12.6 soon. The target date on the 2.12.6 milestone on GitHub is now April 9. (As always, these dates are targets and are not set in stone.)

Nearly all issues and pull requests that were targeted for 2.12.6 are now pushed forward to 2.12.7. (We’ll be extremely conservative about accepting anything for 2.12.6.)

2.12.7 is tentatively planned for August 2018.

Seth Tisue / Scala team / Lightbend, Inc.


PR merging for 2.12.6 is complete and the community build is green.

The release candidate version is 2.12.6-bin-84112e8

We need a bit more time to test it properly on JDK 10; if that goes well, we’ll release next week.

The list of merged PRs for 2.12.6 is here:

(The list may seem surprisingly long; it’s because most of them have to do with our build/test/publish infra.)

Is there a new ETA?

Sorry, we’re a few days behind. Shooting for next week. I was hoping to get it out before our engineering off site last week, but failed, and now I’m at another meeting for a few days.

I’m building now and there’s a good chance I’ll finish before the weekend — knock on wood.

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you can observe my progress at

draft release notes at

The 2.12.6 release is now staged. You can try it out by adding the resolver.

The distribution archives are also available:

Scala.js 0.6.22 and 1.0.0-M3 staged for Scala 2.12.6 (same resolver).

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Tested Scala.js@0.6.22 +1.

2.12.6 artifacts are on Maven Central. working on website updates and announcements

Corresponding Scala.js artifacts released on Sonatype, sync to Maven Central pending.

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The release is complete, website updated, etc.

Adriaan is coordinating with Eugene Burmako to release macro paradise.

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You should name the subject not “Scala 2.12.6 coming soon” but something like “Scala 2.12.6 release live blog”


I added Adriaan to owners of scalamacros/paradise and gave EPFL rights to publish to org.scalamacros. This should unblock the release of macro paradise.


No reports of regressions yet, knock on wood.

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Does this include some changes to help with Spark 2.12 as discussed here about the method overload disambiguation?
Other links.

Edit: Here is the thread I was looking for.<>

No, 2.12.6 does not include anything along those lines for Spark. We are open to including something like this in 2.12.7, but first we’d need some commitment from the Spark team that this indeed solves their problem. That thread kind of petered out after Dean’s suggestion.

Understand. I just think it is pretty scary having such a huge portion of Scala enterprise on 2.11 and it will take a long time for all those businesses to migrate to 2.12 let alone 2.13 with new collections as Scala presses on.