Request for feedback: sbt 1.2.0 roadmap


Agree. For me SBT 1.x is unusable due to performance regression.


What about some love for strict aggregation.


IMO fixing the performance regression and the sbt-maven-resolver should be a priority.

I’d argue that the current support of Maven publishing in SBT 1.x is far from ideal ( Maintainers of Java/Maven codebases that want to migrate to Scala and setup a diverse release process using SBT cannot do it with SBT 1.x.


Performance. Upgrading from 0.13.15 to 1.0.x or 1.1.0 results in compilation speed taking 30% longer. IMO this should be considered of the highest priority.

I agree. I think the first step is identifying tooling setup needed for core developers and contributors to start measuring / profiling where the hotspots are, and where we regressed.


One first thing you may want to look at: why global plugins are classloaded and initialized in every build.


What’s the difference between ensime-server and sbt-server?


Is this slated for 1.2.0 then?


Yes. We’ve already started addressing some of perf issues in 1.1.2 that was released today -
and there are active PRs like


Thanks & great to hear!