Looking for a moderation process to enforce the CoC



This thread has gone from “Oh that’s a great a idea”, to “moderation should have carte blanche to stifle any and all dissent”, to “oh now there’s justification for calling people nazis” (But that’s on twitter! @ the John de Goebbels comment), to “honest conversation is not going to happen”. I can only hope this thread is saved for posterity so people can see what they’re dealing with if they decide to participate in the community.


I do not think that we should try that everybody will be agreed. At the end it is imposible. But may be it is enough that most of us understand what does work and what does not work. For example I do not like bad critique. I think it does not work.
Actually there are places where bad critique works well. it is some yellow tv shows for example. But who really want to discuss questions such way?